Why you should visit Bhutan

A South Asian nation, Bhutan shares its borders with China in the north and with India to the south. Lying at the eastern end of the Himalayas, the ‘Kingdom of Bhutan’ is the ideal dwelling place you are searching for peace, tranquility and a breath of fresh air.

Among infinite reasons to visit Bhutan, here we give you 7 reasons
why you should visit Bhutan at least once:

1. Religious

Buddhism is a religion to just about 300 million individuals around the globe. More than two-thirds of the Bhutanese people follow Buddhism and it is the state religion. Foreigners have a great appreciation for this unique culture and come to visit the Bhutanese sacred monasteries which are not only unique but also unbelievably astonishing in terms of its rich history and its strategic locations.

2. Biodiversity

While you travel through Bhutan you will discover steep and high mountains and winding rivers. The additional standard land assorted variety and the differing atmospheric conditions play a critical role in adding to Bhutan’s exceptional scope of biodiversity and biological systems, which has helped a vast variety of endangered species to flourish in Bhutan’s natural environment.

3. Climate

Bhutan encounters five prominent seasons in particular summer, spring, autumn and winter. The western region of Bhutan comes across heavier rainstorms downpours though the southern part experiences sweltering muggy summers and cool winters and the central and eastern Bhutan stay mild and drier than the west with warm summers and cool winters. Bhutan thus gives the flexibility for you to choose the region and the time to visit, depending on the best climatic conditions.

4. Attractions

Thimphu has one of the biggest statues of Buddha made of bronze and gilded in gold overshadowing Thimphu valley and the National Memorial Chorten is located close-by, where Buddhists circumambulate clockwise and Then there is the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang), which is the most sacred monastery perched on a rockface above Paro valley. Punakha Dzong, Gangtey monastery, Phobjikha valley, and Bumthang Valley are some other remarkable holiday destinations in Bhutan.

5. Food

Ema datsi, the national dish of Bhutanese is an extremely fiery dish made with cheddar, cottage cheese, and chilies and takes incredible pride in it and you should attempt it as well. The vegetables are mostly organic as more than half of the whole nation engages in extensive farming. The main food body is made of rice as it is the staple diet of the Bhutanese and other than that meat groups like beef, pork, chicken and fish are widely consumed.

6. Culture

Bhutanese tradition is greatly affected with its Buddhist religious legacies, be it the national dress (Gho for men and Kira for women), the dialect (Dzongkha), the religion-inspired masked dances called the Tshechu or the national game archery where men shoot arrows and women dances to encourage their teams and mock the rival team, all are just for fun and a really significant part of the cultural heritage.

7. Souvenirs

Hand-woven textiles called Yathra are beautiful pieces of wool fabric, dyed in organic colored which are later stitched into beautiful cushion covers, coats, bags and table runners which are all indigenous to Chummey valley in Bumthang.  Other souvenirs include wood carvings, bronze statues, jewelry, paintings and many more.

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