How to get into Bhutan

Travelers can either fly to Paro International Airport or can get into the country via road through Phuntsholing, Gelephu or Samdrup Jongkhar. As most of the tourist attractions are in the western part of the Country, most tourists prefer to fly into the country through Paro which is only an hour drive from the capital city, Thimphu.

Flying into Bhutan

Bhutan has only one international airport in Paro which is located at exactly 90 minutes drive from the capital city, Thimphu. The Airport functions with two airlines, Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Druk Air is a government operated organization while Bhutan Airline is a private business run by the Tashi Group of companies. Both the Airlines are very well maintained and well serviced

Bhutan, the wonderful country lying on the impressive Himalaya mountain range, is really a paradise within a paradise for one who needs an escape from the fast pace of the modern life. Tourists will be heartily welcomed while traveling here as the Bhutanese people are hospitable and are very fond of foreigners. For these reasons, Bhutan is definitely an amazing destination for you to get into with beloved partners.

Come and discover the uncanny land of Thunder Dragon. Some categories below will help you to get to know better about this country before planning your own.


Druk Air’s modern Airbus A-319 and ATR plane flies to and from:

Bangkok (Thailand)
Delhi (India)
Mumbai (India)
Kolkata (India)
Bagdogra (India)
Gaya (India)
Guwahati (India)
Kathmandu (Nepal)
Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Changi (Singapore)

Whereas Bhutan Airlines only operate with fewer destinations like:

Bangkok (Thailand)
Delhi (India)
Kolkata (India)
Kathmandu (Nepal)

Both Druk Air and Bhutan airline offer similar airfares and services. You can either book your flight tickets directly on the respective airline’s website or you can also ask us to arrange it for you.

The Best Part of Flying to Bhutan

The landing and the taking off of the plane in itself is an amazing experience. As Bhutan is mountainous country the view of mount Jhomolhari as the clouds disperse is a magical experience and especially if you are flying from New Delhi and Kathmandu to Paro, you can enjoy an amazing view of Mount Everest. You will need to manage a window seat on the left side of the plane on your flight to Paro.


The Best Part of Flying to Bhutan

Tip: If you are planning to visit Bhutan during the peak tourist season, plan and book your trip at least a few months in advance as flights and hotel rooms tend to get totally booked.

Entering Bhutan by Land

If you wish to combine a tour in Nepal and also India then entering into Bhutan would be much easier and cheaper by road through Bhutan’s southern Borders with India. The nearest Indian airport to Phuentsholing is the Bagdogra airport at Siliguri (West Bengal, India) from where Phuentsholing town is just 4 hours away. You can also have your tour agent to pick you up from Bagdogra airport and then have a spectacular 5 hours drive to Thimphu, capital of Bhutan.


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